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I would appreciate answers from people who have knowledge about and experience with students and IQ testing and what they represent.

Best answer: That sounds a bit young. But I would imagine that the reason your parents let you see your nan's dead body was so you could see that she was really gone. And so you could say, 'Good-bye'. Fact is... that body wasn't something to fear or to be afraid of. It was [as it is for ALL of us] just something... show more

He said whoever passes the skills test first gets the job .... what’s a skill test? He told me it’s not a test you need to study for or anything

SAT Study tips?

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Best answer: Go on amazon. There are several SAT prep books, With the SAT and ACT part of doing well is not studying for the exam. It is the knowledge you already have and how capable you are at using that knowledge

Why are liberals so goddamn stupid?

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How can I improve my IQ?

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Hi, I'm a 20 year old Male and my IQ score is 132. I was wondering how I could raise it to the genius level. Any advice helps, thanks!

What is your IQ score?

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What is 5+5x5-5+5? Just checking?

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Best answer: 30 Do the multiplication first, then the addition and subtraction.

Best answer: Rather insulting. (To 5 year olds.)

I think they should. All the kids who got in should be kicked out and have to get in by themselves, there were other people who were more deserving than them. Someone pointed out that they deport immigrants who come to America and they want a better life. Now illegal immigration and this aren't the same thing... show more

I know it's not factually bad to dislike them. It's purely subjective what the person thinks. But in society it's seen as being cruel and not being understanding if you look down at people with disabilities. I have my reasons for not wanting to be around them. I spent most my life with autistic people... show more

Best answer: With an eye roll, perhaps? The KKK was created to terrorize black Americans, keep them "in their place" economically and socially, and to promote the idea of white superiority. It's the most obviously racist organized group in the U.S.

Best answer: Yes, but they're also bigoted hate-mongers.

Best answer: Unless the pass Mark is 29, that s pretty darn good.

Best answer: How do we know?